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Daniel Brewer is an American-born photographer and creative director based in Boston, Massachusetts. He focuses his work on telling a story through memorable images, uniquely tailored to the subject and objectives of the discerning needs of creative directors and editorial staff. He has transitioned his focus to still image creation after starting his career in cinematography. He has been an independent photography professional for 15 years. Daniel also joined the ASMP board of directors in CT during his time there. He gets excited about creating a lasting experience for everyone involved in the projects he works on. His work has appeared in some notable magazines including Forbes, Financial Times, Hartford Business Journal, The Harvard Business Review, and many other leading public and private publications. A energetic focus for building lasting memories and experiences are key to the passion he brings to shoots.

In addition to his passion for photography, Daniel was a volunteer EMT for over a decade. Is an avid triathlete, hiker, outdoor enthusiast, visited Steven Tyler’s home for a video shoot, hung out with Drew Barrymore all day for her film premiere, filmed on a U.S Navel Warship and been an extra in a film with Maggie Gyllenhaal.

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